If we haven't made an Impact, we weren't Aggressive enough... 

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April 2019 - Final Update (other posts and pages now removed)

After tons of consideration and planning we have decided to close down Aggressive Impact LLC in 2019.  While we will continue development of our tabletop RPG (which will be under a new name in the future) Aggressive Impact LLC will be closed down as it was formed originally as business and branding for a multitude of things, one of which originally being esports at the beginning and so we have decided to retire the name.  We will be forming a new business with a proper branded name for games and under that name we only have one game planned at this point in time.

To find out more about our first upcoming tabletop game please feel free to contact me directly at dc_goetz@hotmail.com.  We will release this project that has long been in development when it is finally ready and we feel that it is a polished product ready for consumers.  If you are one of the current artists still working on the project and you need to reach us, please also feel free to contact us directly using the email above.

At some point this page will finally be removed and we thank anyone who has been following us for years as we appreciate all the support you've shown and for not giving up on the team.  We cannot wait to finally reveal what the tabletop rpg finally formed into as it is entirely different from the project that we first started so many years ago.

Thanks again for your support!


We are so thankful for those who have reached out and expressed interest in creating art for our upcoming game but we are not looking for any future artists at this time.  If you'd like to be considered for any future projects (should they arise), we always review each applicant and contact you afterwards so thanks for your submissions.  We wish you nothing less than success in your career and thanks for taking the time to consider us.